Behind every project (and photo) there is usually a story of how we solved a particular problem or filled a need. Here are a few examples of such stories:

Making the Most out of Extra Space

Story2-1Notice the art niche to the left. The original plans had this bit of hall just ending in a flat wall. It seemed like a wasted space, so the owner and I came up with this niche. It’s hard to see here, but the transom window-top over the downstairs doors in the background is curved, so we curved the niche top to echo that, plus we curved the platform towards you in the picture, and set a can light in it to highlight the art. Not such wasted space any more!



Making Life Easier

I don’t always work on fancy, expensive homes; I work for “regular folks” too. This was the situation:


These steps were rotting out, and the homeowner wanted to replace them. The woman had some trouble walking and maintaining her balance. I told her, “No, you shouldn’t replace those steps, you should improve them.” Notice the top step is below the door threshold, an awkward situation that I avoid whenever possible. She often used a walker for support, so I measured the walker, and suggested making the new steps wide enough for it to easily fit. Plus, I suggested changing the direction of the steps so she could use the handrail. She suggested the railing to help her with balance. Here is what we came up with:


She also wanted to be able to push her shopping cart with groceries up to the deck and unload it, without stepping down from the top platform [floor level]. Well, I had to scratch my head for a while on that one. I came up with…


The bottom of the cart goes under the platform, the top section swings over, and a rail section swings away in a different way to allow the cart to fit. I changed the railing along the house, used some non-skid paint of a bright color for visibility, and the job was done.