Decks are one of my favorite projects, especially when the weather is nice! We’ve done quite a few, including some pretty complex ones. And railings allow one to really be creative.


There are so many ways to do decks: big, small, plain, fancy. Here are a few solution I came up with over the years:

Miller 1Miller 2I was just starting out when I built this deck. The original had a really “ordinary” – meaning bad – very small porch. The concrete steps were already there with a sloping sidewalk leading to the base of the upper set here. I drew this design up to make the lower steps flow up to the upper ones.







Years later, a similar idea. On this deck, the steps are extra wide, making it more graceful. As it turned out, this also made it possible [barely] to bring a wheelchair up and down. At the doorway, 2 wide rails were built so you can set a bag of groceries down while you get out your key.


Also note a detail: the small built-in bench.


Chet deckThis deck was placed over a flat roof with a waterproof membrane. The grid was created so you could pull up a section to work on the roof, if needed.






deck RobThis was a BIG deck, with a little different than usual railing style.






deck rail-Sar2deck rail-Sar1Here is another railing style. This has become my most popular style! It requires a bit of math to get the spacing just right.