Established in 1982, Gary Peniston Construction has been serving the Gig Harbor/Tacoma are for over 32 years. I’ve done many different projects, each one unique. While the bulk of my work has been with remodeling, I’ve done project management of several new houses, ranging from 4,000 to over 8,000 square feet. No builder could ever say he’s seen it all, but I’ve seen a lot!

The remodel projects I do often come about because of some problem, so I work with the homeowners to come up with a solution. Things get pretty creative sometimes! Those are the fun jobs. Most times a potential client contacts me with an idea to do something specific. I like to find out the “why” of this project, with the idea that I might suggest a better solution to the problem that needs to be addressed. See my Stories page for examples.

I’m a one-man outfit, but that doesn’t mean I always work alone. I “partner” with my subcontractors, rather than just hire them. My network of known and trusted subcontractors, including other general contractors, ensures that my jobs get done to the high standards that I uphold. Code is just a starting point.

Aging in Place

Aging in place or universal design is getting a lot of press lately. I’ve done several of these projects, some minor, some not. I have experience with adult family homes and I know the needs of the residents therein. There are many upgrades that can be made in the “universal design” mode that don’t look like “handicapped” features. I can help with handrails, lighting, widening doorways for wheelchair access, cabinet and vanity design and placement — all these little things that help a person stay in his or her home for as long as possible.

Seismic Retrofitting

Seismic retrofits are in the news lately. I’ve been doing them for quite a while. I did one of the first seismic retrofits in the area, so long ago that I had to design our own hardware. [And, boy, is it a lot stronger than it needs to be!] Now you can buy hardware off the shelf that does what I created from scratch years ago. And engineers today are far more knowledgeable, and can spec out every detail. Along with that — sometimes at the same time — are wind shear upgrades. Sounds kind of esoteric, but wind can be a very serious problem in the Puget Sound area, especially if you are on the water.


Decks are one of my favorite projects! We’ve done quite a few, including some pretty complex ones. Railings allow one to be creative.

Nothing changes a room more than a skylight. They make the room so much brighter, nicer. Here’s a project that allows for some REAL creativity. Check out my photo gallery of skylights.

Bathrooms have always been “popular,” since things go wrong here a lot. We’ve done all kinds of bathroom projects, including low clearance showers for wheelchairs.

Design/build is a buzzword in the remodel trade- and yes, I do that too. From bathroom realignments to 1 and 2 story additions, removing load-bearing walls, total kitchen overhauls- whatever you need. Even a new house.

Tracking down leaks is another “popular” endeavor. Often they don’t come from where the homeowner thinks they do. I work with subcontractors who tell you the truth- a roofer who won’t try to sell you a new roof when all you need is a targeted fix in just the right place- maybe a window- not the roof at all. The secret is finding that place. We’ve had to do some crazy things to find the leak sometimes.

We work with you!